nSpecific Recent Posts Widget & Shortcode


This plugin provides an advanced way to display Recent or Latest Posts in any widgetized sidebar or using Shortcode in any Page/Post.

This plugin have so many features to filter Posts/Pages/Custom Post-types.

All Features included:

  • Many Options to configure on a per-widget and custom shortcode basis,like
  • Many instances for the widget and custom shortcode
  • Editable Widget Title
  • Display Latest post titles
  • Ability to Choose the number of Posts to display
  • Ability to select post_type either Post/Page or any custom post_type
  • Ability to select their corresponding custom taxonomy
  • Ability to exclude Posts from end-output by Post-ids
  • Ability to exclude Category/custom-taxonomy from end-output by corresponding ids
  • Ability to Edit/Change end-output-string
  • Option to display the post authors
  • Option to display the post view count
  • Option to display the post date
  • Option to display the post short description
  • Option to control the length of the short description
  • Option to display post thumbnails with editable width and height
  • Ability to control size of post thumbnails
  • Ability to set Direction of post thumbnails